Concept of Homeopathy

Homeopathy strives to heal from within by enhancing and assisting the body’s natural healing process. It works by strengthening and stimulating the body’s own defense mechanism (our immune system) to achieve complete restoration of health in the most gentle, safe and effective way without any harmful side-effects.

How does Homeopathy work?

Holistic Homeopathic healing treats the person suffering as a whole rather than the disease or parts or organs of the body. Its focus is on maintaining internal balance at all 3 planes – Physical, Mental and Emotional Health & Harmony. Homeopathic remedies strike internally to the very root or core of the illness and, in doing so, allows one’s body to complete the natural healing process from within.

Source of Homeopathic Remedies

Amongst 3,000 proven homeopathic remedies, more than 60 percent are prepared from plants, herbs and vegetables. The rest are from minerals, animals and metals.

Any scientific basis for the Homeopathic remedies?

Yes, all Homeopathic Remedies are proved on healthy human beings (and not animals) and full effects of these remedies are noted in Homeo-pharmocopia. Even the preparation and processing of remedies is done in licensed laboratories worldwide.

LE affects all ages and may occur months or years after surgery.  It is important to understand and manage the life-long risk.

Any side effects?

Homeopathic remedies are administered in very small micro-doses in highly diluted and potent form, which are safe, non-toxic, non-allergic and non-addictive. There are no harmful unwanted side-effects on body & mind.

Who can benefit?

Homeopathy can be used by anyone of any age for most physical as well as emotional complaints. It is a complete holistic alternative therapy that benefits a wide variety of conditions ranging from acute cold to chronic conditions. In children, it benefits from minor dentition troubles to major developmental delays. Homeopathy has more promising effects in any chronic conditions, various types of respiratory or skin allergies, children’s learning disabilities or behavioral issues, panic and emotional issues, many auto-immune and psycho-somatic disorders. People are attracted to Homeopathy as it is gentle, harmless and a natural alternative therapy which works in harmony with the body’s own healing mechanism.

Bio-chemic Tissue Salts

In the early nineteenth century, Dr W.H. Schuessler – renowned German physiological chemist and physicist, identified 12 “Tissue Salts”, which are present in every human cell. These “Tissue Salts” or “Cell Salts” are vital mineral constituents of the body.

Bio-Chemic Tissue Salts – The Precious Minerals of Life

Dr Schuessler found that if the body was lacking in any of these salts or if there is any imbalance in any of these salts, loss of health occurred. However by suitably administering the deficient salts, the body could in fact, heal itself.

It is important to note that Schuessler`s Biochemic Tissue Salts are NOT drugs, but valuable microdose cell-foods, prepared homeopathically in an extremely subdivided form which ensures rapid and easy assimilation for the speedy restoration of the natural balance of the body system.

Nowadays, in scientifically orientated medical linguistics they are called Essential Minerals. Essential minerals are necessary for life !!!

The classic essential main elements are Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Chloride, Phosphorus and Sulfur, as well as the trace elements Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Cobalt, Copper, Iodine and Fluoride.

Bio-Chemic Tissue Salts – The Precious Minerals of Life

Dr Edward Bach was a British Physician who began to see disease as an end product – a final stage; a physical manifestation of unhappiness, fear and worry.

According to him, physical ailments are only an expression of mental or emotional disturbances. The distress of mind such as fear, worry, anxiety and depression so depletes the vitality, that the body loses its natural resistance to diseases and is vulnerable to illness.

He therefore, began to look to nature to find healing flowers. Over a period of years, Dr Bach found 38 healing flowers and plants that, with the right preparation, became the 38 Bach Flower Essences. His intention was to develop a method of healing that would treat the emotional and spiritual imbalances which lead to physical diseases.

How do the essences work?

The Bach Flower Essences are a safe and natural method of healing. They gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred, anxiety and indecision, which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole. The Essences allow peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself.

Homeopathic Consultation

A homeopathic prescription is based upon an extensive interview with the patient. During the initial consultation, which is very thorough and quite lengthy, the homeopath needs to carefully question the patient in order to build up a multi-dimensional picture to match one of the drug pictures and find the most appropriate remedy for that person. Several people all suffering with the same named disease, or a set of symptoms, may require completely different homeopathic medicines. The Physical /clinical examination and medical investigations are also taken into consideration. Holistic history taking requires careful and keen observation. The patient provides the needed information through a careful description of his or her symptoms. Homeopath carefully listens to patient with an open mind and nonjudgmental manner. Often, it is a symptom that a patient considers irrelevant, perhaps peculiar, or rather strange, that actually helps the homeopath to select the most appropriate remedy. The homeopath will inquire into many aspects of the patient’s life. Sleep habits, dreams and dispositions, food preferences, bowel and bladder habits, mental and emotional characteristics, fears, effects of weather etc. are explored in the detail interview. A prescription is based on the totality of the symptoms – even if only one or few symptoms need to be treated at a given time – which makes homeopathy a holistic discipline.

Follow up Consultation

The patient’s progress is reviewed on subsequent visits and further prescriptions may be necessary. Although rapid results can be achieved particularly in acute illness; a more gradual improvement is expected in chronic illnesses and also when the person’s vitality is low (possibly as a result of previous illness, vaccination, or conventional drugs). It is not advisable to discontinue or reduce the dosage of allopathic/other medications already being taken without consultation with the homeopathic physician as well as the practitioner.

Homecare advice to obtain best results

1. Before taking the remedies, mouth should be clean. 10 minutes before and after taking the remedies you should not eat or drink anything.

2. Refrain from drinking coffee and avoid products with camphor, mint, menthol, and eucalyptus since they can antidote the remedies.

3. Avoid touching the remedies with your hands, use the medicine dropper or drop them directly inside the mouth.

4. Keep the remedies in a cool dry place away from other substances with strong odors.

5. Do not let remedies be X-rayed especially when you travel.