I have been visiting Pauline regularly for 2 years for deep tissue massages.  With two very young children, my back is always under strain so I like to keep it in good shape.  Pauline can tell straight away each time where the painful/tight areas are and with skillful massage and manipulation focuses on the areas in most need of attention. It is a relaxing and calm environment and Pauline is an all round lovely lady.  I would happily recommend Pauline to anyone looking for a great practitioner. – Tracey Coleman, UK

Pauline’s healing hands and clam, gentle manner have helped me through some incredibly stressful times, both mentally and physically.  I always felt the Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy (BCST) sessions feeling grounded again, and filled with a sense of clam and peace, back on track again to face the next challenge.  My mind races at 100 miles an hour, but Pauline always managed to slow me down and bring me back to what’s important. – Michelle Le Herissier, UK

I have been exceptionally pleased by the Lymphatic Drainage Therapy from Pauline. I was very concerned when I moved to Singapore that my lymphedema could not be managed in the hot/ humid weather. Pauline managed my arm issue for over a year. I highly recommend her. – Peggy Matthews, USA

I had ovarian cancer in August 2010, and had to undergo an operation followed by  6 sessions of chemotherapy. Its a known fact that the side effect on a person receiving chemo is not a pleasant experience. It affects the body and mind of a person.  The first 5 days after each chemo session was like a journey to hell with nausea, numbness, aches and pain ( all the works, you can name ) and very often feeling of depression. I did some research on the internet for some treatment to encounter the side effect of chemotherapy.

I was lucky to stumble on the internet and learnt about this treatment call Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) and Integrated Energy and ever since then Pauline has been my therapist.  During my treatment period,  I received BCST from Pauline twice a week and BCST had helped my cope with side effect of the chemo especially depression. Pauline has been very empathetic and caring all throughout my treatment with her.  Each time after the treatment all my negative thoughts and feeling would go away including all those other ‘painful stuff’.  My entire body was calmer, stronger and my appetite would return and was able to prepare myself physical and mentally to face my next treatment.

Thank you Pauline for your patience and going through the whole chemotherapy with me and taking care of me with your gentle hands and giving me some sense of ‘normal’ life during the treatment.

I highly recommend BCST and Pauline to any person to consider BCST as a alternative treatment to encounter the side effect of chemotherapy. I am now in remission and doing very well and I still go to Pauline for my weekly BCST as  its also a good treatment for maintance of  the body and mind. – Frances Matt, Singapore

My reoccurrence of ovarian cancer happened in 2019. During this period, I got surgery done on left pelvis and right after I developed lymphedema on my left leg. I was terrified by the size of the swelling. Pauline was very patient to treat me with manual lymphatic drainage and bandages treatment to reduce the swelling and my left leg now has become to normal size. Pauline also helped me with compression stocking management and I can perform my daily activities without discomfort and pain. She also treated me with BCST to release my trauma and shock that held in my system. Thank you very much for Pauline giving me a hope and faith during my difficult time.  – Frances Matt, Singapore

While living in Singapore, I went to Pauline for treatment to address a recurring shoulder and neck problem, caused by a serious car accident over 20 years ago. As an artist whose work can be physically demanding at times, this problem was both tiring and inconvenient. I undertook a 10 week Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy (BCST) treatment program with Pauline, whereas previously I had only ever had two – three consecutive sessions of chiropractic or osteopathy which helped but did not alleviate the problem completely. Since completing the BCST treatment with Pauline 6 months ago, I have had no pain or stiffness at all in my neck or shoulder area at all. – Michele Elliot, Sydney, Australia

Training for endurance events can be really tough on the body and quality sports massages are a big part of helping the body recover – Thanks to Pauline, I got through the training for Singapore’s Ironman 70.3 un-injured and in great shape for the event. Pauline’s knowledge and experience with athletes is clearly evident – providing valuable insight and recommendations for injury prevention based on individual situations. – Mike Matthews – Ironman triathlete, New Zealand

After my 3rd session with Pauline, I felt that the stiffness on my shoulder improved and also the numbness of my left hand fingers has reduced greatly. I was able to sleep soundly. – Ng Gek Geok, Singapore

I suffered from severe headache and sleeping problem before I first met Pauline. Her treatment gave me great sense of physical and emotional relief. I no longer suffer from headache. – Ong Ah Mooi, Singapore

Pauline is a very caring person. She worked on my back, shoulder and neck with firm pressure. I could feel that every point she pressed was precise. I have not had such a good experience before. Back pain has completely disappeared. Her home advices on stretching exercises were also very useful. – Chan Chun Mui, Singapore

I have been suffering from severe pain in the neck and shoulder area for some time. The massages I received from other people did not really help until I engaged the service of Pauline. I benefited from the very first session as she identified the exact problem areas. Subsequent sessions left me wanting for more. The professional care and attention given by Pauline and her dedication to her work impressed me. – Vanita Davendra, Singapore