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Homoeopathic Approach for Heat Stroke :

Heatstroke is caused by excessive fluid loss and mineral loss through sweating. The victim usually feels hot, has a flushed face and dry skin. If the person temperature rises about 104 F. (40 C.) there may be collapse, convulsions and unconsciousness.

Homoeopathic approach comprises of immediate first aid technique along with oral administration of homoeopathic remedies to reduce the intensity of symptoms as well as to prevent complications .The main objective of homoeopathy is to assist immune system to achieve complete recovery in the shortest period of time.

>The sufferer should be removed from direct sunlight and taken to the nearest cool place.

> Undress the person and wrap them in a cold wet sheet and fan them until the temperature drops.

>If there is no sheet, sponge bath the person

>Give the person water to drink in frequent, small amounts.

> Use oral rehydration mixture if it is available or add 1/2 teaspoon of salt to 1 pint of water. (0.5 liter).

Homoeopathic system is based on individualist approach for each & every patient & selecting the most suitable remedy for the patient based on patient’s symptom & signs observed by the practitioner.

Here are some of the most useful remedies with their indications for selection.

ARNICA – Burning in the head while remainder of the body cool, or at least not hot. General sinking of strength, he can hardly move a limb.

BELLADONNA – Headache, with feeling of fullness and sensation as if everything would issue through the forehead, worse < when stooping, moving or by the least emotion. Great anguish and restlessness.

GLONOINUM – Throbbing, burning, pulsating, headache with surge of blood to the head and heart. Shocks in the head synchronous with pulse. Losing consciousness preceded by vertigo, nausea, violent headache, flushed face.

NATRUM CARB – Never well since sunstroke, chronic sequels. Inability to think, head feels stupefied and aches when in the sun.

Dr.Pallavi- Interview with Prime Time News Channel News Asia on 26 Dec 2007

Homeopathic Approach for Detoxification :

Q1- not many of us are familiar with homeopathy – how does it work?

Homoeopathy is a holistic German therapy that stimulates body’s own healing powers. It works by strengthening and stimulating our immune system to achieve complete restoration of health.

Homoeopathic remedies are micro-dilutions of different plants, herbs or minerals substances that work on nature’s law of cure i.e like cures like.

Q2. And what would be the homeopathic approach to detox?

Our body is very dynamic, well capable of eliminating toxins, homoeopathic remedies just stimulates this natural eliminating process. Homoeopathic remedies stimulates body to simply ‘turn on’ healing in pursuit of eliminating toxins and restoring internal balance.


  1. PULSATILLA NIGRICUS : Helps to detoxify system after rich & oily food.
  2. CARBO VEGETALBILIS: Stimulates digestion & metabolism.
  3. NUX VOMICA : Antidotes the effects of alcohol & overeating spicy food.  Stimulates intestinal motility.
  4. COCCULUS INDICUS : Stimulates immune system after bad effects of lack of sleep.
  5. NATRUM SULPHURICUM: Stimulates blood & lymphatic systems.  Helps in reducing water retention.


DOSAGE: 2 pillules 3 times per day for 3 days.

HOME CARE ADVICE:   Drink 10- 12 glasses of water.  Eat more fruits & vegetables. Supplement with vitamins & minerals. Avoid coffee / tea /meat / highly spicy food for 15 days.

Q3. Is it safe to do these on our own, without seeing a doctor first?

Homoeopathic remedies are selected on highly individualistic basis – like a tailor made approach, which requires skills, & understanding there fore professional help is essential. When it comes to self-prescribing, it is best to be cautious, take a single dose & observe any changes.

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