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Combined Decongestive Therapy

Compression Bandaging

Compression bandaging influences to increase the tissue hydrostatic pressure during active movement; reduce capillary filtration into interstitial space; encourages passive transport in the collectors; amplifies muscle and joint pump effects; stimulates lymphatic contraction and help break down fibrosclerotic tissue. Therefore, it reduces edema; restores shape to the affected area; reduces skin changes; supports overstretched inelastic skin; eliminates lymphorrhea and softens subcutaneous tissues.

Our Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and Combined Decongestive Therapy treatments are suitable for cancer patients

If you are suffering from chronic swelling due to the removal of lymph nodes as part of your breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or prostate cancer treatment, and want to understand and learn more about managing this life-long risk click here to read more about lymphedema